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Brethren of the Lost Book 1 


Orphan. Sister. Survivor.

After my parents died, I've spent my life protecting my brother.  A chance encounter changes everything.  Suddenly, I'm thrown into the middle of a motorcycle club war. At the center of it is all is Edge, too old and too attractive. He's also the most dangerous man I've ever met and his daughter is my newest friend.



Single father. President of Brethren Motorcycle Club. Completely blindsided by her.

I'm in the middle of a war that I didn't start when this tiny blonde woman pops up and changes everything. She's special. I can see that pretty quickly. She's also fourteen years younger than me. I'm supposed to stay away.



Brethren of the Lost Book 2 

The Brethren are in the middle of a war, but that isn’t going to stop the explosion between them.

Princess of the Brethren. My Dad adopted Damon when I was only five. We’ve always fought like brother and sister. My family is under attack and the one person I am supposed to be able to count on is Damon, my adopted brother. We can’t seem to stop fighting either. We used to be close. As a kid, I used to tell him I was going to marry him. I always get what I want.

Orphan. Adopted by Edge. Ava’s Protector.
Edge raised me like I was his own and Ava was my sister. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her. But I did. So, now I’ll keep fighting with her so no one knows how much I really want her.



Brethren of the Lost Book 3 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the art of folding clothes with people still in the clothes. I never expected my hearted to get folded up as well.

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Book no.2
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